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sShutdown Replacer 0.9

sShutdown Replacer lets you skin your shutdown dialog boxes
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sShutdown Replacer is a program that lets you skin your shutdown dialog boxes. Using this utility, you can change the look of your shutdown without editing system files. The utility intercepts the shutdown commands, hooking directly into the "Turn off" dialog. The program allows you to use the built-in skin, or some of the skins provided with the plug-ins you can download (absolutely free) from Chaos Shut, ShutX and iShut. In order to use this plug-ins, you should tell sShutdown where to find their executable files. Then, you will need to tell sShutdonw which application you will like to use. Each application comes with its own skins. You can customize the look and feel of your shutdown dialog boxes by editing the skins used in each case. You can use any picture as a background, apply different effects on that image, and use transparency. As this program does not modify the system files in any way, it's safe to install it. Shouldn't you like the way the program works, you may return back to your previous shutdown dialog boxes by simply uninstalling sShutdown Replacer.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It's a nice free tool to customize your shutdown dialog boxes


  • The built-in skins work OK, but sometimes the plug-ins don't work
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